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India having a populace of more than one billion and a country with diverse cultures has always attracted tourists. Its traditional and religious peculiarities are worth mentioning. Its cities, paths and impressive mountains compel us to look into the past. It has an enriched history filled with heroic deeds of its inhabitants. Just to mention the Taj Mahal which is the seventh wonder of the World where you always find tourists crowd from all over the world admiring its beauty and architectural design. The country is blessed with unique flora, fauna and natural landscape which is really breathtaking

With the advent of modern technologies like Information Technology, the whole world has now become a global village. What is happening in the world can be quickly glanced at, even in the remotest corner of the world. Now in the shortest span of time, you can send your belongings through the help of some cargo service which on its scheduled rates, book your consignment and deliver it to the destination mentioned by you.

At present, countless cargo companies are striving to have superiority in the cargo market. But AirCargotoIndiafromUK has prominence in this competition being the cheapest, efficient and quickest with affordable rates you wish to pay. We provide all cargo services like Door to Door Air Cargo Service from the UK to India, Air Cargo from Your Door to Airport in India, Air Cargo from the UK Airport to Indian Airport, UK Airport to Any Address in India , Excess Baggage Offer, Door to door services, and a variety of other ancillary services.

Air Cargo to India

Air Cargo is simply any property being carried or to be carried in an aircraft. Air cargo embraces air express, airmail and air freight. Cargo aircrafts are destined to carry freight adjusted in main deck and in the belly. As, at present, the market is swarming with multiple cargo companies and you have to figure out the one that is most reliable and professional in delivering your belongings. Our committed and professionally skilled staff and close liaison with related institutions is our course of action so as to deliver your consignment within the scheduled date and time without any restriction there in. We believe in integrity as a critical core value.

Send Clothes

Clothes which are much bulky and unfit to send via Air Cargo, you can send them through our ship cargo with full confidence. We guarantee you in every respect to deliver your booked clothes to the destination without any inordinate delay.

Send Chocolates

Chocolates of your choice can also be sent through our cargo service which will be delivered in the scheduled time as per your demand that at what time you want to get this delivered in India by choosing our right package.

Send Letters & Documents

Send your precious and urgency based documents and letters to be dispatched to the destination instantly by our fantastic cargo service which will carry your aforementioned documents well in time to the addressed place.

Send Toys to India

Beautiful and most digital toys are awaited by the children in the India. So it is your good idea to take with you while traveling to India, selected toys from the UK but your selection extends and you note that extra toys could not be taken. Ultimately, you have to think about some cargo service which could deliver your toys to the destined point before you reach there. No better Cargo service is better than us, and you will not find anyone better in the competitive market because we trust in quality and our clients are very honorable for us.

Door to Door Air Cargo Service from the UK to India

Door to door cargo, saves a lot of your time, as instead of approaching some cargo company, you just click and your desired company comes at your door step to facilitate and pick your consignment. This facility has become a boon and blessing for the people having a need of sending their goods through cargo. They don't need to have a hectic way of visiting some cargo company. They just browse, analyze and opt their desired cargo company and order it. Within no time, the company representative is on their door step, picks the item to be sent, packs it properly and after completing initial formalities, forwards it for onward transportation either to domestic or international destinations.

Air Cargo from Your Door to Airport in India

If you have to send articles which are not in bulk and you are searching for some airport to airport cargo, then it is quite appropriate that you will honor AirCargotoIndiafromUK to carry your desired goods to the mentioned destination. Our professional and well trained staff, without wasting any moment, processes your delivery in the scheduled time.

Air Cargo from UK Airport to Indian Airport

We acclimatize persistently in the competitive market engrossed in pursuit of our clients' satisfaction and exploring new markets. Our main aim is to expedite our service in every respect. We also trust in our efficient and well experienced field staff who is using its utmost efficiencies for uplifting of our objectives.

UK Airport to Any Address in India

We feel proud to serve our well-esteemed clients. That is why we are always in our way of expansion as AirCargotoIndiafromUK has now become a standard for cargo delivery due to our reliability and affordable rates. So now you can choose us without any hesitation to deliver your belongings form the UK Airport to any address in India.

Excess Baggage Offer
You will have to look for some cargo service in case of extra baggage while travelling to India. When Airport administration does not allow you to carry extra goods along with you while travelling to India from the UK as per rules and regulations, then you are left nowhere but to pick some cargo service. Ours, viz; AirCargotoIndiafromUK, is the best service to choose.

Costs of Sending Air Cargo
We make air cargo delivery within 10-12 days for £5/kg. Likewise, our document shipping service is also available for £40, which delivers in 4-5 days. We also offer another service which delivers in 8-10 days for £20. Hence, depending upon your budget and schedule, you can have our reliable package which you like to opt. It is pertinent to apprise you that we handle and deliver your luggage and documents at the rate of 5 pounds per Kg but make it sure that minimum weight should be 10 Kg being sent for cargo from the UK to India.

All the UK to All India
We have a coordinated professional team fully well versed with cargo deliveries and related rules and regulations to serve you in a better way in a jiffy. So from anywhere from the UK to every part of India, you can avail our proud service which is your ultimate choice. We are on your service 24/7 to respond to your queries. Our cargo deliveries are tailored to fulfill your needs to send your documents, personal possessions, gifts, commercial shipments or parcels. So it is very necessary to have right shipment available.

Following preventive measures should be adopted germane to cargo delivery:
  • Never make a fuss by putting prohibited things in your luggage which can never be carried out as per international and national laws. So be careful in sending your deliverables because we never take responsibility of delivering prohibited articles listed by air and ship cargo in the light of Airline administration. It happens due to the presence of some prohibited articles in your goods, your consignment is stuck in the transit and you have to suffer for this. So be wise and check your goods before making any consignment.
  • Make your parcel properly so as avoid wear and tear. Especially if it is a fragile item, then wrap it with bubble wrap so as your parcel could reach to your beloved in apposite form.
  • Go online at AirCargotoIndiafromUK and put in your details where by entering weight, dimensions and destination details, you can have expense details.
  • All the shipments going to India will have to bear custom duty because all shipped items are dutiable; hence receiver will have to pay an import tax on the commodities being sent and also the import duty rates fixed by India.
  • Before sending gifts on specific events, ensure it from the courier service if those items are exempted from duty and taxes.

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